The Stratford

$7,600 - $8,800

The Bedford

From $35,999

The Newcastle

$44,999 - $54,999

WGC Homestead Greenhouses

WGC Homestead, a division of Wisconsin Greenhouse Company, offers customizable, easy-to-assemble greenhouse kits tailored to various climates and budgets. These kits, ideal for everyone from backyard hobbyists to expert gardeners, ensure quality and affordability, with DIY options and professional installation support.


About WGC Homestead

A division of Wisconsin Greenhouse Company / WGC Enterprises

Wisconsin Greenhouse Company, long known for superior craftsmanship, flawless installations, and hands-on greenhouse know-how, is proud to introduce WGC Homestead.

Homestead offers our customers modular, customizable greenhouse kits that meet our high standards, and do so economically. Do-it-yourselfer friendly, and backed by WGC’s expert support team, gardening enthusiasts from backyard hobbyists to master growers can enjoy top-notch greenhouses suited ideally to both climate and budget.

Build these greenhouse kits yourself in a weekend, or have the building specialists at Wisconsin Greenhouse Company handle your installation. The ease of construction, as well as the handyman support available through our team, means you’ll be growing in no time.

Jordan Hosking
Owner and Founder